Video: Angry Agency (ska-punk) reunited and practicing a few songs for one time show

For those of you that don’t know them London, Ontario’s Angry Agency was a fanstastic ska-punk band formed in the early 2000’s who broke up 5 years ago much to this writer’s dismay.  When I saw that they were “reuniting” I about shit myself but alas, it was only for a one time benefit show that occurred last night (Friday, Dec 13th).

BUT, I was pleased, and you old fans might be too, to find that whilst rehearsing for the show the band did a pretty cool video of them performing “The Emancipation Of Ghada Jamsheer”, “North American Greed” and “Spaghetti”.  It’s got great audio and video quality and has left me seriously hoping they come out of retirement to put one more album out.

Check out the video below.

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