Out of nowhere Aiden announces new album “Some Kind Of Hate”

With absolutely no hints that this was in the works, Seattle goth punks Aiden seem to have finished a brand new album titled “Some Kind Of Hate,” and plan to release it October 25th on Victory Records.

This is somewhat of a surprise considering that the band released their last album, “Disguises,” only 5 months ago.

Here’s what the press release says on Interpunk:

AIDEN strike again with a one-two punch and will unleash Some Kind Of Hate this October. After a national tour in support of Disguises, AIDEN quickly went back to work on writing another full length studio album proving that nothing can slow down the Seattle punk rock veterans. Some Kind Of Hate continues to build on AIDEN’s gritty, rebellious, and controversial brand of rock n’ roll their cult of adoring fans have come to love.

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  1. Kody8/27/2011 10:28 PM | Permalink

    I wouldn’t say absolutely no hints. They had been talking about it on their Twitter, Facebook, and at shows and in interviews for the past few months. Only if you don’t pay attention to Aiden at all can you say there was “no hint”.

    And even then, you could say the same for a lot of bands.

  2. Raychel10/21/2011 3:03 AM | Permalink

    Nice review! Good to hear some positive stuff about my favourite band for once! They’re incredible, I can’t wait for this album.

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