Oxley’s Midnight Runners (featuring Lars Fredricksen) to release debut 7-inch “We Are Legion”

You may not have heard of Oxley’s Midnight Runners, but you have sure as hell heard of their lineup:  Lars Fredricksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals) has teamed up with Mike from The Fatskins, and Jeff and Dave from 90 Proof and Boot Party.  The Phoenix-based oi! band is set to release their debut EP, We Are Legion, on Oi! The Boat Records this May.

You can check out a brief preview of what’s to come below.

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  1. theoutlawjosie
    theoutlawjosie5/3/2015 9:59 PM | Permalink

    This is the first comment I’ve ever left and I gotta say the other comments kinda pissed me off. If none of you heard oxleys midnight runners go to youtube and type in the name and listen to the first ten seconds of invasion. It’s some of the best oi! Punk rock n’ roll I’ve heard in a long time.

  2. theoutlawjosie
    theoutlawjosie5/3/2015 10:17 PM | Permalink

    Damn straight

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