Phinius Gage confirm 2014 reunion

When asked in a recent interview, Brighton, England skate punk outfit Phinius Gage, who split up in 2008, confirmed that they will be reuniting in 2014:

We hope so. We said to ourselves we’d do some shows next year. We haven’t all said it at once, but there seems to always be 1 or 2 of us wanting to and the others busy. But with the great response to our bandcamp, we thought – ‘fuck it, some people do still care’! It’s a great feeling. So Ade suggested a few shows – which I never thought I’d hear.

Check out the full interview and details over here.

The band released “More Haste More Speed” in 2003, “The Feeling Something’s Wrong” in 2005, “Brighton Rock” in 2006 and “Seek Out Your Foes” in 2007, before splitting soon after. You can download all of their music for free on Bandcamp.

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