Photo Gallery: Judge and H2O at Country Saloon (PRB Club Show 5/24/14)

Saturday night after the main stage festivities, attendees quickly shuffled around downtown to continue the party at various club shows. ALL and The Briefs, Final Conflict, DJ Gonzo, and Judge and H2O were all on different bills, and once again deciding which show to see is enough to cause someone an aneurysm.

As much as I love The Briefs and ALL, it had been a little longer since I’ve seen my NYHC mates in H2O. Also, fellow DS mate Hopeless Romantic was on the scene for the ALL show (complete set video can be viewed here). Alas, after jetting back to the hotel to clean up, drop some gear, and enjoy a little refreshments, I was off to the Country Saloon to see Judge and H2O.

The way that the club shows are set up make it almost impossible to catch all main stage bands and all bands at your respective club show. Since Cock Sparrer was headlining the main event, it became clear that I would not be able to see opening bands Folsom, nor Killer of Sheep.

Once into the venue I B-lined it to the photo pit, just in time to snag the above photo gem. Bodies were flying from the pit onto the stage, and then back into the pit. As a concert photographer I’m usually concerned with flying liquids, not necessarily bodies – but then again hardcore music has a way of making you get rowdy.

Check out the full photo gallery from Judge and H2O’s sets below.

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