EP Review: Pianos Become The Teeth – “Close” (Record Store Day 7″)

For Record Store Day this year, Pianos Become The Teeth released Close, a two song 7″ record featuring songs left over from the Keep You sessions. I have to say: Pianos Become The Teeth shouldn’t have shelved these two tracks from the album. Why? Well, because as they charted new waters for a calmer, contented sound on that album, these new songs would have fit in perfectly with their new post-rock and more melodic musical ideals. It reminds me of the two tracks Prawn dropped that last year would have fit in so well with Kingfisher, which leads me to ask – would these additional two jams really have hurt?

As Pianos Become The Teeth seismically shifted from their screamo/post-hardcore stance, fans were polarized. Some still are but, like me, most have accepted it. Of course, I loved it as soon as they indicated what they were going to do, and it makes it easier to ingest a 7″ like this also. “895” is a perfect representation of this change – soft, crooning guitars that cathartically builds into a mid-tempo burst of grungy guitars – telling of racing from the cold and into the comfort of home. Kyle Durfey’s lyrics continue to hit hard. Be sure to catch the music video in all its beauty, as it visually brings the expressiveness out of a track that feels so close to the oldie but goodie in “I’ll Get By.”

The second track, “Dancing,” is more romantic, yet still a tad dark, and feels like the sibling to “Repine” off Keep You. It’s a melodic, post-rock jam that lures you in to continue the subtle drive of Durfey’s words, which no doubt can be pegged as nothing less than poetry. I honestly feel Pianos Become The Teeth made a big mistake excluding this pair from Keep You because they add a loving flair and a sense of passion, compassion and hope to what’s already swirling around inside you. Pianos Become The Teeth continue to shine and make you tear up.

4 /5 Stars

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