“Public Service” compilation re-release is not a reissue, according to Bad Religion fansite

The usually reliable Bad Religion fansite is reporting that the 7″ re-release of the 1981 Public Service compilation is actually a bootleg, not a proper reissue, which would explain the alternate cover shown on the left. Marty (one of the contributors of TheBRPage.net) addresses the following issue:

“Apparently Smoke 7 (or Puke ‘n Vomit) don’t have rights to sell the 7″ or the merch. Smoke 7 was only entitled to release the songs in 1981, and that’s it. Bootleg confirmed!”

UPDATE: Maybe it is legit (see the comment below).  Who knows.  Most of you don’t care anyway.

The compilation contains alternate versions of “Bad Religion”, “Drastic Actions” and “Slaves”, which appear on their 1991 compilation album 80-85 and the remastered version of their classic 1982 debut How Could Hell Be Any Worse. The original versions are from their self-titled EP, which also came out in 1981. Aside from Bad Religion, thePublic Service compilation features songs by Redd Kross, RF7, Circle One and Disability. You can order the bootleg at the Puke ‘n Vomit online shop and only 500 copies are being produced.

Bad Religion are currently taking a break from touring, but will be playing shows in Australia this coming February with Strung OutStreet Dogs and The Menzingers. Their most recent studio album, The Dissent of Man, was released last year on Epitaph, but they announcedlast June that a new album is in the works and supposedly due out next year.


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  • Your report that the Bad Religion Vinyl EP put out by Smoke 7/Puke n Vomit is a bootleg, is completely false. I have the contract in my hand as I type which states, “the group (Bad Religion) grants Smoke 7 Records the non-exclusive PERPETUAL and WORLDWIDE rights to manufacture, sell and distribute the phonograph records embodying the master recording.” Additionally, The group agrees that Smoke 7/productions shall have the right to use the Group and it’s members together with thier likeness and/or logo on ANY and ALL publicity and advertising related directly OR indirectly to the promotion, advertising and sale of the record.

    Please retract your statement that this is a bootleg. I would appreciate it and so would Puke n’ Vomit. also, see the associated video from the link below.. thanks for all your guys support of Bad Religion!


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