Punk Rock Bowling in Review – part one

It’s now been just over a week since the festivities of Punk Rock Bowling came to an end. For anyone who attended, they can attest that, if you did it right, it takes about that long to recover and reintegrate back into the real world.

From the pool parties to the club shows, the main stage to the comedy show, the Golden Nugget bar and everywhere in between, Dying Scene traveled from near and far for our annual reunion of sorts – to dance and sweat (and DRINK!) in the beautiful Las Vegas sun.

Although the actual ‘PRB’ does not kick off until Saturday, most everyone arrives during the afternoon/evening Friday to get settled and make sure all accoutrements are in place. The Plaza Hotel played host for my weekend of debauchery, and once I checked in I was off to meet up with some of the DS crew. We ventured off to the Off With Their Heads show to begin the weekend, even though we all had bowling on our mind.

***funny story about the Off With Their Heads show coming soon***

Saturday morning the rest of the crew reconvened to prepare for our conquest of the PRB ‘bowling competition’. Our shuttle to Gold Coast included Chris Flippin (Lagwagon), the entire La Plebe crew, DS, and many others. Someone even convinced the driver to stop at a liquor store. Bad/great idea at 11am. Soon after the drinks were flowing and bottles of Jameson were being passed around the bus.

Relatively sufficiently libated, we rolled into the bowling alley with face-saving as our goal. We were quickly eliminated.

Stay tuned for all the exciting photo galleries to come in the next few days!


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