Radio Interview: Blink-182, album dropping “sometime in September”

Well, it has been broadcast all over the world by now, so it must be true. Blink-182 says we should expect the long-awaited, still-untitled album #6 “smack dab in the middle of [the Honda Civic Tour]–sometime in September, I believe.”

Recently, Mark and Tom sat down for a radio interview for West Palm Beach, FL’s WiLD 95.5, and discussed what they always discuss: Genitals. Among other things, though. It is a funny, yet informative look at 2/3s of the pop punk group, especially when the two of them talk about their lives before Blink-182 took over the world (specifically Tom’s delivery job).

But the three things the fans want to know are answered: 1) New album? It’ll be out “sometime in September.” 2) Releasing new songs? Supposedly before the tour. 3) The Blinkumentary? This fall.


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