Random Cover Song: Mixtapes and Mikey Erg cover Short Music for Short People

Cover songs are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. We here at Dying Scene love hearing punk bands do their own take on other band’s songs. Sometimes they pull off amazing interpretations of old classics, sometimes they’re not much more than humble tributes to a fellow artist, and other times they’re just downright laughable renditions of otherwise great songs. Good or bad. Intriguing or mundane. We’ll let you be the judge.

Today’s cover comes in the form of multiple covers all at once. While standing outside of a Bouncing Souls show, Ryan Rockwell and Maura Weaver of Mixtapes were joined by Mikey Erg to play a round of songs from the 1999 Fat Wreck compilation Short Music for Short People. Included in the cover fest are Chixdiggit‘s “Quit Your Job”, Green Day‘s “The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink”, The Ataris‘ “The Radio Still Sucks”, The Groovie Ghoulies‘ “Doin’ Fine” and Nerf Herder‘s “Doin’ Laundry”. They kind of do blink-182‘s “Family Reunion”, too, but not really.

You can listen to the originals and the covers right here.Chixdiggit – “Quit Your Job”

Green Day – “The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink”

The Ataris – “The Radio Still Sucks”

Groovie Ghoulies – “Doin’ Fine”

Nerf Herder – “Doin’ Laundry”

blink-182 – “Family Reunion”

Mixtapes – All of the Above


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