Readers’ Choice: 14 Punk Rock Love Songs You Should Listen To This Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, we posted a list of punk-ish (I say ‘punk-ish’ because some of the stuff wasn’t really what one would call ‘punk’…cough cough New Found Glory cough) love songs that have been released within the past year in honor of Valentine’s Day. And as always, those who don’t care to read that ever-so-long paragraph describing the list left outraged comments about how we didn’t include (insert name of 20-year-old song here). So I thought it’d be wise to give you ladies and gents what you obviously want and compile a list of songs people bitched at us for not including, despite the fact that they didn’t meet said list’s criteria.

Check it out below, and try not to bitch too much about how we left out one of the 20 Jawbreaker songs you wanted. Also, have a merry Valentine’s Day.

Jawbreaker – “Want”

“All lists are subjective, but at the risk of sounding like the jaded 40 year old that I am ….. this list is pathetic. Any love song list that doesn’t include this is worthless.” – Mr. Jenkins

Circle Jerks – “I Just Want Some Skank”

The Vandals – “If The Government Could Read My Mind”

Slick Shoes – “Feeble”

GG Allin – “You Hate Me and I Hate You”

Misfits – “Last Caress”

The Manges – “I Will Always Do”

Ramones – “The KKK Took My Baby Away”

7Seconds – “Trust”

“Stupid fucking list. Seriously. how do you not have Vibrators ‘baby baby baby’ or 7 seconds ‘trust’ or The Damned ‘love song’?!!! Stupid new age punk rock bullshit. Cunts.” – Mr. Wisdom (not as wise as his Facebook name may suggest)

Home Grown – “Surfer Girl”

Descendents – “Hope”

Boy Kicks Girl – “Antisocial Girl”

NOFX – “Falling In Love”

“Bar none, NOFX Falling in Love. It make my wife cry.” – Mr. This Guy Had Like 6 Last Names

Face To Face – “All for Nothing”

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  1. justin
    Justin Zipprich2/14/2015 10:11 PM | Permalink

    Hey, I simply mentioned New Found Glory, no one said we had to use them…

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