Rebuilder announce exclusive “Rock And Roll In America” release; comment on Euro tour cancellation

The music industry, and the punk scene specifically, are notoriously fickle beasts. With very few exceptions (looking at you, Blink-182), money isn’t the primary motivator. Most bands, promoters, small labels and the like are lucky to break even, or at best eek out a meager profit, in most music-related endeavors. And so, when something unexpected happens, the results can be catastrophic, as the seemingly endless stories of bands having their gear stolen outside venues will attest to.
But it’s not always the old smash-and-grab that can set a band back. Just ask Boston punk band Rebuilder. As we told you recently, the five-piece were forced to cancel what was slated to be their first-ever European tour. The band and their US label, Panic State Records, had teamed up with German-based Fond Of Life Records, for a European exclusive pressing of the band’s debut full-length, Rock And Roll In America. The release will still see the light of day, and you can get your own copy here.
Rebuilder have also opened up their merch vault to try to help recoup some of the losses they’re on the hook for due to the cancellation of their European run; it’s like a Kickstarter campaign only…not using Kickstarter! Get your hands on some Rebuilder merch here, and check out the band’s full statement on their Euro tour and their merch sale below.

Hey everyone, hope your 2017 is off to a fantastic start! For lots of folks, the last 100ish days have been something close to a waking nightmare. The vessel of our nation continues to take on water, and we are all trying to find ways to stay afloat. The world is too often dreadful and terrifying, and in these trying times, it is Rebuilder’s mission to provide people with an escape, and a respite.  
We do this with rock and roll. 
This path we’ve chosen is not an easy one. We have signed on to a life of long nights, long drives, crashing on floors, living in vans, and risking life and limb to bring this vital utility to the people. But we’ve fallen on hard times..
We had our first European tour schedule for May. Unfortunately, due to a series of unfortunate events it has been cancelled. Our hard earned money (roughly 3k all told) spent on plane tickets, is still being digested in the insatiable bellies of a major airline, despite the travel protection insurance we so wisely and proactively purchased (It was denied because one of us didn’t die). And our van is in disrepair, needing a few thousand dollars worth of work in order to keep this show on the road. 
The punk rock community exists because the punk rock community makes it so. No one here has sponsors, or trust funds, or bottomless pockets. And (mostly) no one is trying to scam anyone, or get rich. We all live and breath for each other, and can pick one another up when someone is down. 
We just posted every piece of merch we have available on our bandcamp store, so whether you’re looking for that righteous new tank just in time for beach season, or you’re an indoor kid looking for a new hoody to masturbate in WE GOT YOU! Check out our stuff, and help keep this train on the tracks. Everything is priced so that you can pay more if you wish. Any extra cash would be much appreciated.
If you simply would like to donate, our paypal is [email protected]
For everyone in Europe, Joe from Fond Of Life released the European version of “Rock & Roll In America” with Panic State. This version was going to be sold on the European Tour. You can purchase it here.
A 2nd pressing of “RNRIA” will be available through Panic State Records shortly but in the meantime there is very few 1st pressings left. Get it from them or us.
thanks y’all. 
Here are some shows coming up for us:
May 18 Jim’s Basement Burlington, VT
May 20 Katacombes-Pouzza Fest Montreal, QC Canada
May 21 Middle East Up w/ Red City Radio, The Bombpops, Russian Girlfriends
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