Recommended Free Download: The Putrid Flowers (punk/pop-punk) – “Midnight in the Summer of Caffeine”

New York punk act The Putrid Flowers have been cranking out quality tunes since the mid 90s but surprisingly I hadn’t come across them until a loyal DS readers brought them to my attention today.  Earlier this month the angsty yet catchy threesome dropped their first new full-length in 9 years. By the time I got through the 3rd song of “Midnight In The Summer Of Caffeine” I knew I had stumbled upon something special.  According to their own facebook page “The Putrid Flowers make songs that sound like Broadway show-tunes being done by a Replacements punk rock cover band” and that sounds like a fair assessment to me.

Anyway, stop reading this and go stream “Midnight In The Summer Of Caffeine” right here where you can also download the album for free.

*thanks to Brett Story for bringing these guys to my attention.

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