Red Scare Bands (California Edition) Provide their Top 10 Lists for 2015

Happy Holidays, Punk Fans! It’s December so you know what that means. Family, friends, holiday cheer, and then the important stuff. Yep. Top 10 lists! We’re kicking off this season with various lists from the California based bands of Red Scare Industries.

Find out Chris of Nothington’s favorite shows, Jen of Bombpops‘ favorite songs, Mattsimum Waves of The All Brights‘ favorite “stuff”, and Jordan of Vultures United‘s favorite album and movie releases below.

Chris Matulich from Nothington: Favorite Shows of 2015…

Refused at Great American Music Hall
Frank Turner at The Fillmore
Beach Slang at Rickshaw Stop
Green Day at 924 Gilman St.
The Replacements at The Masonic
Smoke Or Fire at Fest
Superheaven at Fest
The Menzingers at Regency Ballroom
Lagwagon at Fat 25th in SF
Swingin’ Utters at DNA Lounge

Jen Razavi of The Bombpops: Favorite Songs of 2015…

“2015 was a whirlwind! We played shows in places we’d never been before, made lots of new forever friends, and lost some as well. Through the ups and downs, these songs were the soundtrack to our year.”

In The Meantime – Red City Radio
Can’t Quit You – Teenage Bottlerockeet
Morning After Song – Dwayne
Night Shift – Midrake
Roller Coasters – Toy Guitar
Nightmare – Bad Cop, Bad Cop
Chameleon – Millencolin
Don’t Have a Thing – Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room
Kicking and Screaming – Western Settings
Storm the Beach – The All Brights
Whatcha Got? – Red City Radio
Snowflake – Pears
Flowers – Success
I Found the One – Teenage Bottlerocket

Playlist on Spotify

Mattsimum Waves of The All Brights: Favorite Stuff of 2015…

Favorite Coast: West
Favorite Footwear: Optional
Best Band: Van Halen
Best Band Feud: The All Brights vs. The Bouncing Souls
Worst Freeway: The 405 (it’s always jammed)
Song of the Year: Pennywise – “Bro Hymn” (still)
Favorite Sport: Yoga
Best Movie Soundtrack: Top Gun
Tightest Pants: LuLu Lemon
Favorite Beer: Avocado Ale
Best Abs: Sean Sellers
Best Frontman: Pat L. Bored
Best (crowd) Surfer: Big Wave Dave
Biggest Bro: Joe Escalante
Bro-iest Beach: Pismo
Raddest Boat: The Hauseboat
Favorite Religion: Hail Spray Tan!
Most Upsetting Moment: Being topless in the bar
Biggest Fail: Jumping out of a moving golf cart (it seemed like fun)

Jordan Salazar from Vultures United: Top Rl “Year-End Top Whatever”

Full Length Albums –
1. Desaparecidos – Payola (Epitaph Records)
Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes and Monsters Of Folk fame’ punk band (or indie rock, or whatever.) It’s powerful stuff. Political lyrics (but not beat you over your head with info, political stuff) to music that’s aggressive and catchy which is a very rare thing to pull off in my opinion. It’s been over 10 years since these guys did a full length album and it was worth the wait. Not sure if the drums or Conor’s vocal performance is the MVP here but nonetheless, this was the best thing I heard in 2015, easy. Catch them live if you can. To me, this is a perfect band and a perfect record.

2. Flowers Of Evil (Deranged Records)
A more angry and dirty sounding version of early Wire? So like, sorta post punk type stuff. Definitely minimal and to the point. The best debut album from any band I’ve heard in a while. Makes sense that this band features members of The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, The Prayers, Crocodiles, Some Girls, etc. Sounds like a classic punk rock record to me.

3. Retox – Beneath California (Epitaph Records / Three One G Records)
For how much of a classic throwback to punk/hardcore Flowers Of Evil sound like, Retox in a way sounds like a modern version of what hardcore should sound like today. It’s aggressive, inventive, it pushes and it pulls and most of all, there’s no band out there that sounds like them. Another perfect band, where everyone in the band is holding their own in their respective duties. Their best release, which says a lot because everything they’ve done to this point has been fantastic. This record is a ripper.

4. Strange Wilds – Subjective Concepts (Sub Pop Records)
Think a bit of Pissed Jeans, early Nirvana, and maybe The Jesus Lizard (and of course, their own thing) and you’re right there with what these dudes sound like. A fantastic debut from this new band. Think they used to be called Wet but changed their name a bit before joining Sub Pop. Aggressive and messy done absolutely right, with a crusher on the drums.

5. So Stressed – The Unlawful Trade Of Greco-Roman Art (Honor Press Records / Captured Tracks)
Think this may be the 1st release from Perfect Pussy’s lead singer’s new label, Honor Press? Anyway, So Stressed is a noisey punk/hardcore band with some sprinkles of post-punk DC stuff. They’re from Northern California, which is cool because I’m from California, so it’s nice to hear bands like this exist on this coast. Some of the tempos on this ripper aren’t so straight forward, which is appreciated. Mixes things up from that ol’ ear fatigue. Tremendous stuff here full of youth energy and power.

6. Sonny Vincent & Rocket From The Crypt – Vintage Piss (Swami Records)
Sonny Vincent used to be the front man of this band called The Testors who were part of the original punk rock scene in New York City in the 1970’s. And Rocket From The Crypt, well, they’re one of the greatest American Punk Rock bands of all time (in my head and maybe yours?), so this is a no-brainer. Classic punk/rock and roll-type lead vocals with Rocket From The Crypt as the backing band (minus their horns). Down strokes galore, straight forward drums, and classic vocals. Classy stuff right here, guys.

7. Hop Along – Painted Shut (Saddle Creek Records)
This one is a hard one to describe for me. Hop Along is a female-fronted punk band, although on this record I would say it leans a little more toward the indie rock side. The only real selling point here I should make clear is their singer’s vocal performance. There is nothing better for me than hearing a singer strain on a record and you hear it on this album from time to time, and it’s a great thing. And it’s not like she’s screaming, she just really knows how to use her pipes. Very good stuff and if you like this, I highly recommend hunting down their debut “Get Disowned”. It’s a little more rough around the edges which I think I might like more, not to discredit this very good album.

8. Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake – Modern Surf Classics (Swami Records)
A blaster of an instrumental surf album. Everything rips on this one. All guitars, drums, and a saxophone on full blast. Always a good thing to see John Reis (of Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, RFTC) do new things. If you’ve never heard a surf album this is a great place to start.

9. Thunderbitch (Self Released)
This is the singer from Alabama Shakes other band. A more straight forward garage rock band, with incredible, soulful vocals. It’s rough around the edges which is appropriate, and it’s catchy. Another debut album that just sounds authentic and like a total classic.

10. Disasterpeace – It Follows (Milan Records)
I’ve never heard of Disasterpeace and know nothing about them, but they did this motion picture soundtrack for the movie “It Follows” and it’s great stuff. It’s a throwback to John Carpenter’s soundtrack work on his early movies, and it’s really interesting stuff. So basically, it’s all instrumental moody type synthesizer based songs, with an 80’s vibe. For whatever reason, it played a huge part in the movie for building tension, etc. If you want to hear something different, well here it is.

Here’s 5 of the best EPs I heard:
1. Never Young (Father Daughter Records)
2. Into Violence (Three One G Records)
3. Drug Church – Swell (No Sleep Records)
4. Crazy & The Brains – Good Lord (Baldy Longhair Records)
5. Hurula – Betongbarn (Deranged Records)

Here’s 5 7-inch records I liked most:
1. Greys – Repulsion (Carpark Records)
2. Culture Abuse – Spray Paint The Dog (6131 Records)
3. Frau – Mira (Frau Records)
4. Socialite – I Saw You I Don’t Care (Jade Tree Records)
5. Swain – Heavy Dancing (Ruins Records / Cobra Records)

Here’s 5 Downloads I liked most:
1. Super Unison (Self Released)
2. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (Self Released)
3. Karen O – I Shall Rise (Microsoft Music)
4. G.L.O.S.S. – Demo (Self Released)
5. Sheer Mag – II (Self Released)

Here’s 10 Movies I liked:
1. Spotlight
2. It Follows
3. The Martian
4. Steve Jobs
5. Black Mass
6. The Visit
7. Cooties
8. Avengers: Age Of Ultron
9. Chappie
10. Wild

*Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t out yet but it’ll probably be my #1 in all honesty.

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