EP Review: Reservoir – “Cicurina Vol.1”

Reservoir have been one of the under-the-radar bands that have contributed to the so-called emo revival. They haven’t shouted as much as other bands but subtly, they’ve done their part and worn it well. I Heard You As I Walked Away in the summer of 2013 was a prime example of why you should have taken note of them. Now, with just four songs, Cicurina Vol. 1 EP acts as a gentle reminder as to why these guys are worth the hype.

Without spoiling too much, tracks like “Breathe Disaster” and “Waves Erase” both play in the sandbox of emo-driven post-hardcore akin to Sunny Day Real Estate, Christie Front Drive and most recognizably, Mineral. Tight, snappy, guitar-driven yet atmospheric when need be. Reservoir’s range is so vast and full of depth that it even touches on contemporary notes along the lines of Prawn, Pompeii and Gates. Distorted yet filled with intense storytelling.

The drama and tension have shifted though as they lose more of their sludgy sound and lighten things up quite a bit. Twinkly but focused. Lois Shupp complements with back-up vocals here as well and she helps frame things much better. As a snapshot of where they are now, as opposed to where they were in the past, let’s just say the maturity and experience seem to be even more profound for a band that’s always been just that. All in all, this EP is full of promise and never fails to deliver. If you’ve been a fan of them from the old days, you won’t be surprised. If you’re now jumping in, your mind’s blown and I’m sure you’re hunting their past music.

4/5 Stars

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