Album Review: Runaway Brother – “Mother”

When this album ends, a few things will be crystal clear about Runaway Brother. One of these things is how brilliantly Mother spells out the ambitious, free and endearing nature of their music. Another is how earnestly and vulnerably they wear their heart on their musical sleeves. And then it hits home. You’ll become embroiled in the notion that they’re a cross between The Front Bottoms and The Hotelier. What more could you ask for?

Opening on a soft, catchy and melodic note before spiraling into an indie-punk barrage is the best way they could have signaled their intent. “Harvest” does just that and is a great sample of how they mix genres, emo included, together. They’ve got a huge spunky pop-sensibility that’s made for mainstream radio and accessible jams like “Moth” show this. Infectious, to say the least.

How well they transition and dirty their sound up into riotous breakdowns then crop up of “Catch” and “Hold Me Down”. This gives a nice balance showcasing how gritty and rough they can go and further emphasizes how they add a different musical layer every two or so tracks. It’s awesome to see them pile these dimensions up, stacking the musical arrangements and band influences to really make Mother tick.

From the acoustic parts to the throaty parts to the screamo segments, it’s all done subtly and this is what allows each section of the record to flow into each other near seamlessly. Mother encompasses their older sound plus how well they’ve honed their style. Runaway Brother’s definitely elevated into one of the top modern emo acts you should be making a priority on your playlists. If you’re doubting this, listen to this album. Highly recommended.

4/5 Stars

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