Sic Waiting working on new album

Singer Jared Stinson, of the Southern California punk outfit, Sic Waiting, has more free time on his hands then anyone should. He conducted an interview with himself. In the *cough* “interview” he revealed that Sic Waiting are currently working on a new album. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve been writing for SW too and I have about a full-length’s worth of material. We’ve demoed out about half of it and are in the middle of working out the rest. The acoustic shit is fun, but the SW shit is where my and our heart and total financial investment is. To quote every musician ever, “this new record is going to be the best thing we’ve ever done.” But seriously though, this is going to be the best record we’ve ever talked about doing. We have some cool people helping us get it done too. Anthony from Lowbrow is helping write it, Mike from Death by Stereo is helping out, Andrew from Surefire Loss is on it, etc. It’s a dysfunctional, disjointed way of doing things, but then that seems to be the only way we do things.”

The band released their latest EP “Vices”September 4, 2013 via Dang! Records.


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