Silverstein release rerecorded version of “Smashed Into Pieces”

In honor of the tenth anniversary of When Broken Is Easily Fixed, Silverstein have released a rerecorded version of the track “Smashed Into Pieces.”

Check out the song, along with comments from the band, here.

Silversten released their seventh studio album, This Is How the Wind Shifts, in February via Hopeless Records.

On May 20th, 2003 we released our very first album “When Broken Is Easily Fixed”. 10 years ago we didn’t know the extent that our lives would be changed through these songs and through all the experiences we’ve had since. We’ve grown so much as people, and also as musicians.

To celebrate the release and give back to our fans, we have re-recorded the lead track, the song that started it all, “Smashed In To Pieces”. This is available free of charge to stream or download in multiple formats.

We understand that there was a certain magic that can’t be reproduced from 5 overexcited and inexperienced kids making their first full-length album. We aren’t trying to recreate that or take anything away from the original. The original will always be there. But over 10 years recording technology has advanced greatly, and we’ve become much more seasoned in our craft. For us, we still believe in the songs from our first album and we will always play them live, we just wanted to re-explore “Smashed”. Hope you enjoy it!

Also be sure to check out our new album “This Is How The Wind Shifts” and catch us on the Warped Tour all summer long!

Shane, Paul, Josh, Billy & Paul Marc

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