“Solidarity Mixtape” 50 band compilation released in aid of Planned Parenthood

A fifty band compilation of artists from across the US has been released to raise money for Planned Parenthood. “Solidarity Mixtape V2” is up for purchase from the compilation’s Bandcamp page now.

You can see details of the artists and stream the whole thing below.


Artists on the compilation:
!ATTENTION!, After The Fall, Angus (formally Christopher Leaf), Austeros, Bad Boys Club, Bong Mountain, Brickfight, Choke Up, City Limits, Cold Wrecks, Costanza, Crippled Earn, Devon Kay and The Solutions, Diablogato, Fuck You Idiot, Great Lakes USA, Hard Pass, Honah Lee, Hospital Beds, Jeff Rowe, Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish, Kevin Bogart, Loser’s Circle, Make War, Miketon & The Nightblinders, Mr Fahrenheit, New Years Revolution, Nicholas Panagakos, Nosedive, OC45, Old Flings, Pass Away, QWAM (Queen With A Megaphone), Ramona, Remainders, Remnants, Save Ends, Sweet Empire, The Fake Boys, The New Warden, The Offseason, The Old Edison, The Plurals, The Shills, Third Twin Sister, Throw Shade, Tied To A Bear, Trophy Lungs, Two Houses, Victory Boy, Warm Needles, and Worship This.

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