Some chick does acoustic covers of Strung Out, Propagandhi and Rise Against and they’re good!

I’m not really sure who Jen Fiorentino is but she did some pretty f’ing rad acoustic versions of “Velvet Alley” by Strung Out, “Generation Lost” by Rise Against,”Purina Hall Of Fame” by Propagandhi.  Those are the only ones I had time to watch (you can see them here) but the list goes on and on (NOFX, Social Distortion, Bad Religion) and you can watch more on her youtube channel.

Listening to the “Velvet Alley” cover I’ve realized 2 things: 1) I now want Jason Cruz to do an acoustic album of Strung Out songs like his label mates Cape and Sly, and 2) I’ve been singing the wrong words to that song for years in my car.



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