Someone broke into Devon Kay and the Solutions’ van, stole $4K worth of stuff

It feels like we’ve been hearing about more and more van break-ins lately, and that sucks. Chicago pop punk act Devon Kay And The Solutions are the latest victims, according to their Facebook post:

Last night, in Logan Sauare, someone broke into our vehicle and stole our bass amp, our guitar amp, our snare, our kick pedal, and our merch. Total damages: about $4,000 after taxes.

List of stolen goods:

Ampeg SVT 3 Pro
Fender Deville 4×10
Pork Pie orange acrylic Snare
Iron Cobra double pedal
ALL OF OUR SHIRTS/Kick Started Prize Packages

Hopefully they find who did it and get their stuff back.

The band most recently released their EP “Never Punt” last summer on Johanns Face Records. Pay what you want for it here and check out the DS review here.

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