SquidHat Records announce new compilation “Desert Rats With Baseball Bats: A Las Vegas Punk Music Sampler”

SquidHat Records have teamed up with Camel Hump Studios to announce that they will release a new compilation entitled, “Desert Rats With Baseball Bats: A Las Vegas Punk Music Sampler.” The compilation will feature songs by Battle BornThe Gashers, The Core, Guilty By Association and more.

You can check out the tracklist here.

The compilation will be released on October 8, 2013.

1. Bored by S.F.T.

2. The Killers by Battle Born

3. C.B.A. by The Quitters

4. Die Tonight by The Tinglerz

5. Bar Esteem by The People’s Whiskey

6. Wrong Tree by The Seriouslys

7. As The City Sleeps by Aluminum Falcon

8. Wet by The Dirty Panties

9. Unsettling by Deadhand

10. Punk Inc. by The Core

11. Red White Fuck You By Surrounded by Thieves

12. American Decay by Guilty By Association

13. No Light No Hope by Burning Agrestic

14. ItÂs OK by The Gashers

15. Mentally Ill by Existo

16. Swatch Dogs & Diet Coke Heads by Unfair Fight

17. Osha Boy by Shotguns n Gasoline

18. Catch Me Running by G.P.B.

19. Zombie Dick by Geezus Cryst & Free Beer

20. Desert Rats by Peccadilloes

21. Fade Away by The Scoundrels

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