Album Review: State Champs – “The Finer Things”

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‘The Finer Things’ proves that State Champs are chomping at the bit to show how pop-punk needs to be done. They do the genre justice right here. It’s that simple. Any of the past music they put out has evolved, and they were pretty tight before. It’s not the illustrious step in their career but it’s a few big steps forward. What they do to the pop-punk game is show that they have the ambition to spin it on its head and bands like that need more appreciation.

“Critical” and “Remedy” are off ‘Overslept’, which was quite a teaser in 2012. These tracks are quicker, slicker and cut with more bits of punk than pop. They mix well with the poppier tunes off the album, to appease the fans of Joyce Mayor, Tigers Jaw and State Lines. You can sense a little New Found Glory in snippets here and there amid the majorly loud Fall Out Boy influence but it’s just a matter of how well-mixed the record is. The production’s direct and refined to a tee and brings out the best of the band.

“Mind Bottled” plays off the poppier side of things and the melodies ring loudly to amplify that State Champs are on their way to bigger things. Each riff and tight-cut mini-solo fit perfectly into each other and hug the not-so-strong tracks off the album. Add “Over The Line” to this and as the best song on tap, you definitely feel what they went for – segues of pop into punk and vice-versa to structure a record of head-bobbing catchiness, without the cheese factor.

Consider yourself warned – State Champs will be making waves soon. If you liked them before, you’re gonna be amped when this hits your player. New fans, prep yourselves. ‘The Finer Things’ could not be a more well-titled record. A few minor kinks here and there but certainly worth the pickup.

4/5 Stars

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