Album Review: Story Of The Year – “The Constant”

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Story Of The Year (SOTY) recently brought out a new album (2 days ago). The new album maintains the high standards set by the preceding three albums. The melodies used are quite complex and well-performed.

Most of the lyrics carry a meaning, but sometimes you have to listen really carefully to understand it. Of course you don’t have to understand the meaning to like the music.

To compare the album with the preceding albums, it is somewhere between ‘The Black Swan’ and ‘Page Avenue’. It is a little rougher than ‘Page Avenue’, but the sound is different from ‘The Black Swan’.

Recommended Tracks: ‘To The Burial’ , ‘I’m Alive’ & ‘Eye For An Eye’

Final verdict:

Lyrics: 5/5
Great Lyrics, great singing
Music: 5/5
Great rythm and melody!
Replay Value: 4.5/5
Can be repetetive after several hours

Final score: approximately a 4.8, so a 5 star rating

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