Stream “D-Tour Records Split Series Vol. 1” (Guttermouth, LightSpeedGo, No Gimmick)

D-Tour Records out of Omaha, NE has just released the first volume of their 7″ split series and along with a track from both LightSpeedGo and No Gimmick, it features not one, but two “new” tracks (“Bingo” and “The Towell”) from Guttermouth. “New” in the sense that they haven’t been put out through a proper release though they were offered as free download by the band a few years ago.

Guttermouth has a full EP coming this Spring and word on the street is its a precursor to a new full-length. If the 2 songs on this split are any indication of what’s to come I’d say we’re in for a serious Guttermouth comeback!

Stream the entire split below.

The D-Tour split is available as a limited edition colored vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide. Purchase it here.

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