Street Dogs ask for fan help recovering gear from British Airways

Street Dogs guitarist Tobe Bean posted a status to the band’s Facebook page this morning, asking for fan help to recover lost gear. Apparently several instruments were lost on British Airways, and they have not had any success getting assistance from the airline, so they’re asking for fans to draw some attention and hopefully get their gear back. Check out the status:

A week ago @British_Airways lost 2 Gibson Les Pauls, 2 1970’s Fender Basses, and a set of Zildjian cymbals. At this point @British_Airways have made no attempt to get these back to us. Also mind you we spent $600 in bag fees for this kind of service. Words can’t express the impact that this takes on a band to not have your necessary tools of your trade. We are calling on all of you to retweet and repost this story wherever you can to hopefully get their attention and get our gear back. Thanks for all support you guys are truly the greatest fans in the world.

The band also posted this to Twitter if you want to help out by re-tweeting it. Good luck, dudes.

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