Suicidal Tendencies’ Mike Muir talks about “13”

Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir recently spoke to about the band’s latest album 13, which was released last March and had been in the works for more than ten years. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“One thing for us, we’ve always had a different approach to music than most people. Most people, they do music that they think or they hope people will like. That’s the purpose. Our priority, my personal priority, has always been doing something that I like. Our first record, when it came out, the punk bands said it sucked. The metal ones said it sucked. And we weren’t really concerned about it, because we weren’t looking for their accolades or whatever.

It changed, over time things have changed. People have always put down our records when they come out, and later on somehow they become great records or classic. I think a lot of times so much of music is done for what people think will happen at the time. We’re not concerned with how a record is perceived when it first comes out, but 10 years or 20 years from now, people that aren’t even born now, when they hear it for the first time, what they think. That’s a lot more important.”

13 is Suicidal Tendencies’ first studio album with all-new material since 2000’s Free Your Soul and Save My Mind. It is said to be the first of the three albums they completed back in November of 2011.

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