Suicidal Tendencies want you to be in their upcoming music video for “Smash It”

Los Angeles crossover thrash/ hardcore punk act Suicidal Tendencies have posted a teaser video on their Facebook page for their upcoming music video for their song ”Smash It”. Even though a teaser video has been released the band isn’t finished filming for the video. Suicidal Tendencies’ last day of filming will be at the Metal Mulisha  compound in Temecula, CA on Sunday November tenth. The band posted the following message on their Facebook page:

 ”New “”Smash it”” video teaser and more info on how you can be a part of this video. Here’s a taste of the new video for “Smash it” the next Suicidal Tendencies video. Larry Linkogle and Jimmy Fitzpatrick of the Metal Mulisha did some guest vocals on this track and our featured in the new video as well as the Metal Mulisha Team riders. We will be doing one more day of filming at the Metal Mulisha …compound in Temecula, CA, next sunday, November 10th. We need you to come on down and represent your Cyco STyle! If you can make it, please email [email protected] We will need your name, and names of the people you are coming with….and let us know if you have anything “interesting” you would like to donate to have “SMASHED!” Again, this sunday, November 10th, Temecula, CA. Get your slam on with Suicidal Tendencies and the Metal Mulisha, p.s. and don’t forget to check out the kiler merch collab M/M did with SxTx”

Click here to watch the teaser video.

“Smash It” was featured on Suicidal Tendencies’ latest release “13″ which came out March of this year. Suicidal Tendencies will embark on the “Slam City Tour” at the end of this month with hardcore groups Trash Talk and Terror as supporting acts.

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