The All Brights sign to Red Scare, plan debut EP “…Are Wild For The Night”

Alright fans of The All Brights…time to get stoked!

Wait, you’re not familiar with The All Brights? For shame! They’re the four-piece band featuring “Big Wave Dave” of The Loved Ones/The Falcon/his own solo career fame and “Shreddin’ Sean” of Good Riddance. Some describe them as “like Masked Intruder meets The Gimmes…but terrible.”

Anyway, The All Brights have been announced as the latest addition the the ever-impressive roster at Red Scare Industries. Together, they’re teaming up for the release of their debut six-song EP, “…Are Wild For The Night!”. The album is due out November 6th, and you can pre-order it right here.

Stay tuned for what we hope will be more All Brights news in the weeks to come!

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