The Attack (punk) release Italian version of title track from upcoming EP “Under The Gun”

Orlando punks The Attack have released the Italian version of their new track “Under The Gun” and you can download it for free or give it a listen below.

The song is from their upcoming EP of the same name which will be released in five different versions, each with the title track sung in a different language. Here’s what the band had to say about the recording process:

We enlisted friends and fans from all over the world to help with the translations, the band will be releasing five versions of the new EP, each with a lead track in a foreign language, and available through iTunes in all the territories where the foreign language featured on the track is spoken (example, Spanish version will be available in Spain as well as South America).

To get the song translated we recruited help from a t-shirt printer from Germany, some old friends from Italy, Edgewater High School French club, etc., we sent the music and transcribed lyrics, and received a written translation and voice recording for pronunciation purposes. Our frontman Charlie Bender learned and recorded each track which was then sent back to the translator to check for accuracy. It’s awesome, check it out and help us spread the word! #worldpunk”

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