The Catafalque (psychobilly) streaming new song “Rusty Chainsaw”

Russian psycho punks The Catafalque are streaming two new songs “Rusty Chainsaw” and “Little Whore”. I feel like “Rusty Chainsaw” is a perfect name for a song and describing the sound, while amazingly pleasing to the ear, if I was asked to describe them I’d say “they sound like a rusty chainsaw”, and I mean that in the most punk rock of ways.

Check out the mayhem below.

So far as I can tell this is the first music from the Russian punks since 2006’s “Demo”. If your into Tom Waits give these guys a try.

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  1. grimnik
    Grimnik3/11/2018 8:21 PM | Permalink

    well not really, it’s:

    2006 – Demo (CD)
    2007 – Riding The Snowy Wave (Compilation Song)
    2009 – Fresh Blood Of Russian Psychobilly (CompilationSong)
    2009 – Voodoo Surf – (Compilation Song)
    2011 – Lunatic Rampage – (Compilation Song)
    2018 – Rusty Chainsaw (7” Vinyl, EP)


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