The Creeps (pop-punk) offer free download of new EP “Our Time”

Seemingly out of nowhere Ottowa pop-punk act The Creeps have released a brand new EP titled “Our Time” and as if that wasn’t groovy enough, they’re also offering it up for free download.  You can stream/download it right here.

The EP was apparently recorded last Summer.  Here’s what the band had to say about it:

Shortly after recording the ‘These Walls’ 7”, we started writing what at the time I envisioned would be the second of a three part series of records, begun by ‘These Walls’. The goal with these records was to tell a story that is a bit of a departure from our typical fare. I honestly have no idea if we’ll ever complete the trilogy as I’ve sort of lost the thread along the way, but after sitting on this batch of songs for a while, we are releasing part two. It’s called ‘Our Time’.

Much like for ‘These Walls’, we decided to record the songs ourselves and did so over a single weekend last summer. Our friend and co-conspirator Dave Williams ( handled the mastering, while our pal Mike Haddad ( took care of the cover art.

Sometime later this year we’ll have been a band for 14 years, which seems kind of crazy. Crazy that we’re still friends. Crazy that we still love making music together. But we are and we do, so here we are. Part of still wanting to do this thing is that there are people out there who actually care that we do, so instead of releasing this new record traditionally we’ve decided to give it away. Consider it an early birthday present from us. There’s an option on the Bandcamp page to pay what you want, so if you’re the type who enjoys supporting bands directly, feel free. But, honestly, we don’t care. Thanks for listening after all these years.

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