The Fest adds Comedy lineup

Is it me or is comedy becoming a growing trend in the punk scene lately?  The Fest seems to be joining the trend with the latest announcement of a comedian lineup to join the scores of bands performing over the weekend.

The following comedians will be performing on the final two nights:

Kyle Kinane
Andrew Orvedahl
James Fritz
John-Michael Bond
Ian Douglas Terry
Chris Charpentier
Luke Douglas Fields
Andy Sell
Zach Peterson
Goodrich Gevaart
Ryan de la Garza
Cody Wayne Hurd

Plus: the Race to the Coffin Comedy Tour featuring:
Tim Ross
Shannon Norman
Alex Stypula
Jesse Irvin
John Dick Winters

The Fest will begin on Halloween and going until November 3rd, with a special Pre-Fest taking place on October 29th and 30th in Tampa. Tickets for both events are available here.

Check out a full list of 330+ bands on the lineup so far right here.


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