The Festal Shout (street punk) stream new ep “Tumultuous Noise”

Street Punk band The Festal Shout have released a new ep on Zap Records.

If big tent revivals were still a thing and had punk rock bands roaring out anthems to bring people in, then the Festal Shout would be the band to provide the soundtrack.

Throw together members of the Last Hope and FBS and what you have is a loud, fast, incredibly catchy, a Tumultuous Noise “to revive, to heal, and to worship the Glory of God.”

The Festal Shout is most simply, the band FBS combined with Justin Palenscar of the Last Hope, who provides the lead vocals, but even with the reputation of those established bands, that really wouldn’t do this project justice as the total is much more than the sum of the parts. Origins of the band go all the way back to 2012, four years after Justin has last picked up a guitar for the Last Hope.

These four songs of riotous punk rock and roll are bound to get you amped up! Check out the ep below.

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