Album Review: The Hung Ups – “Four Songs”

Ever since Blink 182 burst on to the scene, the world has had a plethora of pop punk from which to choose. Some bands have been very good while others have been very bad. This is a story of a good band. The Salt Lake City based pop punk band, The Hung Ups, have 2 releases to their credit. A band known well in the Salt Lake area, The Hung Ups have played with some of the best pop punk bands that have come through the city. Often included as an opening act, they are often outplaying the touring acts. The Hung Ups draw upon the best aspects of pop punk, the fast guitars, the energy and the catchy riffs. There is also an underlying darkness that street punk brings to the mix. This band does a great job at mixing both very, very well. I am a fan of all punk, hardcore and thrash, but it is rare that I would find myself tapping my feet to a pop punk band. The Hung Ups, however, can get my feet moving. This would be a great album if it weren’t for the music drowning out the vocals at times. Other than that small point I would give this offering, “Four Songs” by The Hung Ups, a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

The first of the four songs, “Get a Life,” is a song of longing and loss; a song that wishes an ex a very unpleasant future. The song starts off with a blistering and catchy guitar and transfers into the lyrics that tell the story of our poor crooner; how his year and life has taken a turn for the worse due to the insufferable wench that he just was dumped by. The next song “She’s Stupid” starts off with a quick bass line that is followed by the guitars that are typical of The Hung Ups. The song is quick and rifty, with a touch of out of controlness. The song is another about a girl and unrequited love, one that makes her stupid for not being receptive to the advances of a hormonal teen. “Crisis at the Pizza Shop” is a song about as long as it should be. Fast and whiny at times, it means to tell a story of a kid that is overwhelmed by situations that seem out of control. The final song on this four song EP is “Anywhere With You,” a song typical of pop punk that sings of teenage love and longing.

All in all, this is a very good offering from Salt Lake’s The Hung Ups. The songs display all the reasons why they have been included on most of pop punk’s best acts’ shows when they travel through the beehive state. Having played with bands like Guttermouth, Teenage Bottle Rockets and Cobra Skulls, The Hung Ups have often provided the crowd with a more exciting, satisfying set than the main act. With some much deserved recognition and support, The Hung Ups could easily be playing a bar or stages near you. However, I am lucky enough to have them playing in my hometown.

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