The Lillingtons to digitally re-issue “Shit Out of Luck” and “Technically Unsound” on Red Scare

Red Scare Records has announced that they have secured the rights to the first album by The LillingtonsShit Out of Luck, as well the band’s Technically Unsound box set (which originally featured the original pressing of Shit Out of Luck, as well as a remastered version of the album). Red Scare has noted that these albums have been floating around the internet as “vinyl rips” or “sub-standard leaks” for years, but now they’ll be available in much better quality.

There’s no official release date set for these digital re-issues, but Red Scare promises that they’ll be up in “the next couple weeks”.

The Lillingtons broke up in 2001, but reunited in 2006 to release their fourth album, The Too Late Show. The band broke up again in 2008, although it was recently announced that the band has reunited for a second time to make an appearance at this year’s Riot Fest in Chicago. No word on whether they’re planning anything else before breaking up again.

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  1. chillywilly
    chillywilly8/8/2013 3:04 PM | Permalink

    Maybe it’s me, but doesn’t hiatus and break up mean two different things? I never heard they “broke up”.

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