The Lippies premiere new track “Fuck the Customer”

Grand Rapids based pop-punk band The Lippies have just premiered their brand new track “Fuck the Customer”. The track, originally posted on the AV Club, is short but sweet, filled with a sugary burst of manic energy and you can check it out below. Talking to the AV Club about the song, the band’s frontwoman, Tonia Broucek, had this to say;

“Fuck The Customer” is my response to people who lack respect for sex workers. It’s my response to people who work at jobs they hate and are treated poorly at, go home to consume porn, and then explain how they have no respect for those women because they allow themselves to be degraded. Yet they fail to recognize that many of these people actually love and believe in what they’re doing. They fail to recognize how valuable their product is and how much power these people have. Meanwhile, these motherfuckers can’t even stand up for themselves at their crappy jobs without risking termination. So, like… really what’s more degrading?

“Fuck the Customer” comes off the band’s upcoming self-titled EP, due to be released via Red Scare Industries on March 4, 2016.

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