The Maine recorded punk EP “as a joke”

According to a recent interview, while The Maine  were working on their Pioneer sessions, they recorded some extra stuff, including a 5-song punk EP that they made “as a joke.”

Pat: We have one extra tune. Oh no. I guess two. 
Jared: Two. One was a little half-assed.
Pat: And then on the last day we – because we were doing the whole thing completely live so we were set up. So we recorded an EP of punk songs as a joke. 
POZ: Really?
Jared: Like a five song EP of punk songs. 
Pat: And then we did a Neil Young tune. And then we did a punk version of one of the tunes on the record. We just had some fun at the end.

They go on to say they will probably release it, along with the rest of the session b-sides, in the future. Check out the whole interview here.


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