The Mor(R)ons (Slovenian punk) stream free split with Mental Strike

Slovenia skate punk quartet The Mor(R)ons are offering a free download of their split with another Slovenian punk band, Mental Strike, on Giljotina Records.  The Mor(R)ons had previously released “Down the Sunnyside Lane” in the summer of 2012.

You can stream and/or download the split here.

Track Listing

1. Mental Strike – Untitled 01:55

2. Mental Strike – Damage 01:48

3. Mental Strike – Fuck You 01:42

4. The Mor(R)ons – Hellelujah 04:13

5. The Mor(R)ons – Sounds and Shapes 03:51

6. The Mor(R)ons – Why 02:35

7. The Mor(R)ons – Resting In Peace 00:56

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