The Other Stars stream new album “We Were Kids”

Worcester pop-punk band The Other Stars are now streaming their new album We Were Kids in full over on SoundCloud. Guitar and vocalist Connor Bird had the following to say about this release:

We Were Kids was mostly written over the course of 2013-14. It was a really strange period of my life, especially looking back on it. We had all been out of high school for a while and now people were finishing college, but everyone was still partying really hard and being reckless and it started to feel like it wasn’t something we should be doing anymore. I saw some people do some pretty shitty things. I wasted a lot of time on people that I shouldn’t have and I regret that. I also had some really awesome times then, though, and there are definitely moments that show that in the album. It’s just disillusioning when you’re getting older and start to realize that no day is going to come where you wake up and you’re magically an adult and fully in control because you never really are and that’s just something we all have to accept.”

You can listen to the album below.

We Were Kids is officially released tomorrow, April 29th, through Take This To Heart Records/Near Mint.

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