The Sheds announce hiatus

SoCal punks The Sheds have announced that they will be going on hiatus.

You can read their full statement below.

The Sheds released their last album I’ll Be Fine in July of 2013 through Mediaskare Records.

To all concerned,

As some of you may know we have never been just a “band of brothers”, but as other members have come and gone there has always remained the core 3 Miller brothers. This November marks (technically) 10 years of The Sheds. That means we’ve been going (not necessarily full time) since we were ages 9, 12, and 13.

At this juncture we’ve determined that we don’t all have the same plan to continue this band as an “expensive hobby”. Evan our bassist has been granted an incredible professional opportunity and we all support that wholeheartedly, but it just doesn’t make sense to continue this band full-time without him.

This isn’t the end of The Sheds by any means, it would be ridiculous for us to say we will never play a show again, or even write again– we’re brothers, we’re gonna do some shit.
We will however be slowing down dramatically, even more so than the last year.
We have a show next week on September 5th in Van Nuys, and we will be adding a couple Southern CA shows for the winter before we take an extended break/hiatus.

To hopefully help fill any void a few of you may have- some of us have started a new project that will be off the ground in the near future. We will be sharing those songs here shortly.

We never “made it” necessarily, but we did make more friends than we’d ever hoped for across North America as well as accomplishing some personal goals we never thought we’d EVER hit. All this time has passed and we’re still only 19, 22, and 23 years old- you’re gonna get more music out of us, just maybe not as “the Sheds”.

Thanks for everything, we absolutely love you all.

Sincerely fuck it,

Mac, Morgan, and Evan Miller
The Sheds

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