Album Review: The Story So Far – ‘The Story So Far’

The Story So Far is one of the bands doing pop-punk right. Continually. In impressive fashion, to say the least. All of their releases so far have adopted an aggressive vein and it’s an approach that’s just as melodic and catchy. But more so, The Story So Far has a style that isn’t cheesy and a laugh-off. This self-titled is undoubtedly their biggest assembly to date and speaks volumes on how consistently good they’ve been.

The driving force of the guitars really help make this record hit that much more. Dynamic guitars and snappy kit-work all flavour the album with the extra pizzazz needed to differentiate it from their contemporaries. Parker Cannon’s vocals work tracks like “Smile”, “Heavy Gloom” and “Nerve” to perfection. When the rest of the band’s vocals mix and gang-up, you get another dimension that not only comes off inviting but sinks deeper into you with Cannon’s angsty lyrics. It’s a smart, potent, radio-friendly method that’ll resonate with fans of Stickup Kid and Handguns.

As the ballad in “Phantom” helps close things off, it’s quite apparent that The Story So Far aren’t a band that’s reinventing the pop-punk wheel. Instead, they’re steering the car, full of intent and doing so pretty smartly. This record is tight, well-produced and full of attitude. Can’t go wrong with this.

4 / 5

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