Tiger Army cancel Spring Forward US tour

Sad news, Tiger Army fans…

Following last week’s announcement that bassist Geoff Kresge had departed the band for a second time, the remaining members have been forced to cancel their upcoming tour. The silver lining is that it’s not the end of the band…

You can read the full statement from frontman Nick 13 below.

It is with great disappointment I must announce that Tiger Army’s Spring Forward 2014 shows will NOT be happening this April in the wake of Geoff Kresge’s decision to leave Tiger Army for a second time. 

I must apologize to all of those affected by the cancellations – I know many of you travel far and wide to support Tiger Army and that’s not something taken lightly. I’m told refunds will be available at point of ticket purchase by Tuesday. I’ve cherished each and every opportunity to play a Tiger Army show in recent years and have been especially proud of these shows in terms of the musical level we reached, there isn’t adequate time to prepare with someone else and maintain this standard. The next time Tiger Army steps onstage, it’ll be done right. Best of luck to Geoff in his new endeavors. 

As many of you know the band has been less active since the conclusion of the two-year touring cycle that accompanied our last album ‘Music From Regions Beyond’. One of the main reasons for this was my detour into the world of Americana / country music with the recording and release of my solo album ‘Nick 13’, along with subsequent touring, videos and so forth. I spent much of 2013 writing material for a second solo album. As that writing neared completion, the unexpected happened and therein lies the good news for all of you who are part of the Tiger Army and have been waiting for word of new music: 

In recent weeks and months I’ve discovered the inspiration for the musical path that will eventually become the next Tiger Army album. I’ve always taken pride in the musical progression between albums and I needed a vision of where to take things next (while I indulged my love of roots music in the meantime). I’ve found that vision and the first handful of songs have been written. It won’t happen overnight, writing and recording could take some real time, but that’s where my focus has shifted. My solo work will continue down the road.

This recent series of events will not deter the eventual return of Tiger Army. Lineup changes have happened before and may happen again. Anyone who’s familiar with the band’s history knows that people have come and gone on this journey that I’ve put my heart and soul into. Tiger Army is bigger than any one person, myself included. It’s an idea, a dream, songs that come from somewhere in the night – from loneliness, from passion, from desperation. They’re mine, but they’ve become yours as well.

This is the start of a new beginning. It’s sad to see one era end, but exciting to see a new one begin. Thank you all for your support – for my solo music, for Tiger Army, for the good times, for the hard times. Just like the moon, we will rise again.

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