Tim Timebomb and Friends stream “Poison”

Tim Timebomb And Friends, the side project of Tim Armstrong (of Rancid) has released another new recording, a cover (or a “re-recording” if you will) of Rancid’s “Poison”. The song originally appeared on Rancid V (aka Rancid 2000)  You can stream it right here.

In addition to the Tim Timebomb and Friends album that Tim mentioned previously, Tim also made mention of recording the next Rancid album with Mr. Brett:

My brothers and I in Rancid originally recorded this song back in 2000, and it came out on the Hellcat/Epitaph ‘Rancid 5′ record, which was produced by Brett Gurewitz. Rancid will be going into the studio with Gurewitz this February to make our eighth record!

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