Tour Diary: Ex Friends (Joel Tannenbaum) – Update # 1

Today we’re kicking off a little tour diary from Philadelphia punk act Ex Friends as they work their way across the east coast.  Check out the first update from singer Joel Tannenbaum below.

“We are in Baltimore and everyone is still asleep. We are at the home of Rachel Taft, who if you are reading this, you probably know runs a Baltimore-based collective called Feed the Scene. Feed the Scene’s stated mission is to provide food and lodging for touring bands passing through Baltimore. If you’ve never been in a touring band you are probably thinking “Well that seems a little niche-y.” If you have ever been in a touring band, however, you are probably weeping quietly to yourself by now, happy that someone finally took pity on touring punk bands enough to provide these essential services.

We played at Sidebar last night, in Baltimore’s relatively tiny downtown. We crossed paths for the first of two times with the large and overlapping roadshow that is the Teen Agers/Divided Heaven tour. I am biased toward both of these bands because there are a bunch of Philly connections. Even without that though, Jeff (Divided Heaven) sounds really good with a full band, and Teen Agers’ come off really well live with their smart guy rock.

Toy Store Riot opened the show. They were fun, and their drummer is also the promoter for the last show of the tour in Alexandria, VA, with Teen Agers and Divided Heaven. It’s going to be interesting to cross paths with everyone again in 10 days and see who among us has stopped shaving, who has stopped caring, who has totally lost it, etc. But mainly I’m interested to see how everyone’s bands sound after 10 straight days of touring. That’s kind of the best part.

Oh, and apparently Baltimore has way better municipal snow removal than Baltimore. Didn’t see that one coming.”

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to catch Ex Friends on tour if they come near your town! Here are the dates…

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