Tour: imadethismistake playing southeastern US

Folk-punk band Imadethismistake have announced a winter tour of the southeast USA. The band will be bringing their acoustic sound from Florida to Virginia and back, with stops in Georgia and North Carolina on both ways. Get all the details here.

The band’s last album was Bow And Quiver, released last year through Bermuda Mohawk Productions.

JAN 24 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Radio-Active Records w/ Featherweight

JAN 25 – Gainesville, FL @ 1982 w/ Jen from NoMore

JAN 26 – Atlanta, GA @ The Frat Cave w/ The Wild, Dakota Floyd

JAN 27 – Asheville, NC @ 29 Shady Oak w/ Madeline AVA

JAN 28 – Blacksburg, VA @ JAX w/ Koji, Emotron

JAN 29 – Richmond, VA @ Rock Garden w/ One Win Choice

JAN 30 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Pinball House w/ Little Foot

JAN 31 – Durham, NC @ 4517 Dolwick Dr w/ Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers

FEB 01 – Athens, GA @ The Twink Towers w/ the Wild

FEB 02 – Melbourne, FL @ Cassette House w/ Flashlights

FEB 03 – Lake Worth, FL @ Propaganda w/ Howling Winds

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