Transplants planning album of covers, may include Beastie Boys’ “Gratitude”

In a recent interview, Blink-182/Transplants drummer Travis Barker disclosed that the latter band is working on an album of covers that grew out of something called Transplants Tuesdays. Here’s that portion of the Q&A:

You guys are working on the new Blink album, I’ve seen on social media.
About to start it. Right now I’m doing a covers album with Transplants. We have something called Transplants Tuesdays, and we get together for about two hours every Tuesday and we knock out a new cover song.

What was the most recent one you did?
“Gratitude,” by the Beastie Boys, it was awesome. Hearing Tim [Armstrong] and Rob [Aston] sing it is like, the fucking best.

Are there any songs you’d love to do but haven’t worked out for some reason?
We don’t want to cover anything exactly like it was. “Gratitude” is probably the closest that we’ve come, but I guess there’s some stuff that’s untouchable. Like one time I did an American Idol performance with Mary J. [Blige] and she covered “Stairway To Heaven” and I was like, “Oh shit, this could be really bad or really good.” And Mary is such a great vocalist and just understands music and understands Zeppelin and that era of music that she killed it. But that was the one that worried me. Transplants, we can kind of do anything. Like, nothing is off limits. We could really fuck with any genre of music and we don’t feel out of place.

So is there one song you are really excited to try?
There’s a Geto Boys song called “Fuck ‘Em” that we haven’t tried yet, but that’s gonna be awesome. We have a bunch, we literally just go in, nothing’s planned, let’s say she’s [the friend sitting in on the interview] in the band, she throws out, “I like this song.” We’re like, “Fuck it, let’s listen to it, let’s see how we reinterpret.”

Is there an idea of when the album will come out?

We had talked about, “Do we release a song every couple of weeks or whatever?” But I think we’re actually gonna do an album and either come out independently or through Epitaph.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on this come to light. The latest Transplants album entitled “In A Warzone” was released in June of 2013 through Epitaph Records.

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