Album Review: Typesetter – “Wild’s End”

Chicago’s Typesetter feels made for comparison with many other bands. The Gaslight Anthem, Nightmares For A Week and Against Me! – to name a few. They follow a flushed narrative with a perpetually mature rock n’ roll sound that throws back to one record and one band most of all though. That’s Restorations’ LP2. If Restorations were more punk you’d have these dudes. The dearth of whoa-ohs and the huge, expansive guitar-driven atmosphere give so much credence to this statement which makes Wild’s End one of the most fun records of the year.

“So What’s Your Future” and “Sunday’s Best” best sum up the Restorations comparison. What strikes home even more is Typesetter feels more free and unrestrained than most bands I mentioned above. The solo-laden and liberal jams identify this a lot. They mix it up so well too. Things feel grungier as well on “Settling” but what really works is that amid the band’s thick, crunchy and curse-worded disposition, there’s so much melody and harmony in a versatile novel which no doubt helps paint Chicago the same way Joe Loudon brings Philly to life.

“Nietzsche in Florida” is one of the slower jams and as much as it feels ripped from the ’90s, it still connects as a modern post-rock jam which establishes why Typesetter shouldn’t be ignored. This time around, they’re more indie-punk and more loose-lipped to help map a musical drive that really knows no bounds. At times, some tracks meander or feel to long and worn but overall, Wild’s End has a certain allure. It’s one of those records that encapsulates life and will trap you. I chalk most of this down to the cutting, distorted guitars but ultimately, their varied sound makes one attribute so hard to pin down. All-round, Wild’s End delivers and I can see Typesetter definitely earning a big spot on many 2014 wow-lists.

4/5 Stars

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