UK Subs announce rarities compilation ‘Friends and Relations’

The UK Subs have announced a rarities compilation album. The album, which will be titled Friends and Relations, will be out on May 11, 2016 through Cleopatra Records, and feature rare songs by the band as well as tracks by side projects like Target Generation (founded by Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt and bassist Alvin Gibbs), and Urban Dogs (a collaboration project between Subs front-man Charlie Harper and The Damned’s Captain Sensible, and The Vibrators’ Knox).

You can check out the album art and track list below. Physical pre-orders for the album can be found here and here, while digital pre-orders are available here.

UK Subs released their latest album, Ziezo, in April 2016. It is their 26th official album, and marks the band’s completion of releasing an album with a title beginning with each letter of the English alphabet.

1. Product Supply – UK Subs
2. Rare Disease – UK Subs
3. Embryo – UK Subs
4. Teroristos – UK Subs
5. Phillips Environmental – UK Subs
6. Too Much Reality – Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible
7. Space Virgins – Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible
8. Human Traffic – Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible
9. Kamera – Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible
10. Rebellion Song – Urban Dogs
11. One Foot In The Grave – Urban Dogs [CD ONLY]
12. Complete Surrender – Target Generation
13. Sail The Wind – Target Generation
14. Think Of Me – Target Generation [CD ONLY]
15. The Things We Saw – Target Generation
16. King For A Day – Target Generation

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