Underoath post more farewell tour information

It has been widely reported by this point, but Christian metalcore band Underoath will be calling it a career early next year. There had been speculation that additional dates would be added to their whirlwind farewell tour. Sadly for Underoath fans, that speculation came to rest today as it was announced that no additional dates will appear. Here’s what frontman Spencer Chamberlain had to say about the issue in an interview with Alternative  Press:

The thing is, when we got home [from our last tour], some of the guys decided they couldn’t tour full time any more due to families and kids. It’s tough to afford all that. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. People have houses and bills. We talked about instead of being a band that doesn’t really do very much, let’s just close the chapter and bring a good thing to an end. [As far as those dates go] really, that’s about as much time as the guys who got real jobs could get off, so it wasn’t like, “Hey, let’s only tour these places.” Half the band was like, “Let’s tour everywhere,” and the other half of the band was like, “We can’t tour at all.” The guys who did have other obligations [chose to] take their entire year’s vacation to do those 10 days. That’s kind of where it’s at. We looked at it as, “How far can we get in 10 days?” That’s about as far as we can get.

Underoath will release “Anthology 1999-2013” next month (November 6th), and features two new tracks in addition to highlights from the rest of their career.

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